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The Massey Hall team contacted us to contribute to their award-winning, $184 million revitalization of the iconic venue.  We worked closely with them and Reich+Petch Design to select the most historically appropriate flyers and posters that spanned an incredible 128-year history. We provided over 100 images from a wide range of decades and genres and consulted with the team about the historical relevance of the shows.  After the image selection process was complete, R+P printed and installed the wrap on three walls on the second-floor lobby bar.  The result – a spectacular visual depiction of Massey Hall’s rich history that has become one of the most talked about pieces at the restored venue.

“Daniel helped us source a variety of historical flyers representing concerts at Massey Hall. He provided a large digital library for us to view, and hi-res files once we selected what would work in the space. The resulting wallpaper is now a major focal point in the new bar spaces, attracting a lot of attention and inspiring bouts of nostalgia for many of our patrons. Thank you for your help on this project, Flyer Vault!”

Vanessa SmithManager Education & Outreach, Massey Hall